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Java Tech Lead/Scrum Master

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  • As a Tech Lead, you are leading a team of 4 dev’s where you act as a scrum master and work closely with the (business) product owner.
  • Report progress of development activities the project manager (mainly with JIRA as a tool)
  • Coach the other developers in their development work.
  • Apply and advocate the architectural decisions made by the Solution Architect.
  • Perform advanced technical activities like supporting deployments, performance testing, automated testing, spikes, POC’s, root cause analysis of issues, …
  • Take a proactive role in reviewing, technical breakdown and estimation of backlog items.
  • Reviewing pull requests of other developers.
  • Take up development of new functionality (see below tech stack)
  • Connect with other dev’s or tech leads from other teams (BE, NL, DE, IT, US)


Skills & Experience

  • Proven experience or have the personality and ambition to lead a small dev team
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Proven experience in development (>8 years), mainly java but other languages like Python, Groovy, Javascript are a plus.
  • Knowledge about XML and surrounding tech’s like XSLT, …
  • Knowledge about GraphQL, SPARQL, Graph DB’s, RDF, OWL, … are a plus.
  • Your affinity lies at the back-end development and not the front-end development
  • Fast Learner and moreover, he/she enjoys learning new techs.
  • Dutch and English speaking
  • Good and clear communicator with developers but also business, architects and project managers.
  • Strong collaboration skills, is accurate and has a dynamic personality.

Tech Stack

  • Java 8 – 11 and frameworks like Spring
  • Allegrograph (graph/nosql DB) queried with SPARQL
  • Alfresco (document management DB)
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Lambda, Docker
  • Alfresco Process Services (Activiti)
  • A proprietary enterprise service bus (called CSB and is java based)
  • Processing of XML documents with XSLT or XQuery
  • REST API’s, GraphQL, ODATA services
Solliciteer voor deze job
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